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Welcome in the holiday apartment in Freestaate of Thuringia

Vacations rental vacations home Thuringian Forest Germany

Enjoy your vacation in quiet, idyllic and sunny position with free castle look. Our house is on a big property (1300 sy) with nice garden, big terrace and pond.

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Haarhausen lies in the middle of green hearts of Germany and is removed only 4 kms from the city center Arnstadt, the oldest town of Thuringia. Arnstadt is the gate to the Thuringian forest; fast the most marvelous destinations are reached - the height way of the Thuringian forest, the attractive Schwarzatal or towns like Weimar, Erfurt, Gotha, Eisenach and Rudolstadt.

Rest in a comfortable apartment (1200 sf) with 4 bedrooms or lounge in big garden.
We are pleased to welcome you!

In to miraculous ones "Rennsteig" -area service for you about 150 km from pretended to paths, to colored ones Mountain pastures, clarify to valleys and her to marvelous ones view on the summits. One Vacation immediately with him of the "Drei Gleichen" -castles suits in the north edge Thuringian Forest for everybody which enjoys, to walk or to spend just time in an intact nature as well as for everything to satisfy her thirst for knowledge.

You can enjoy them the evenings, on the balcony of the house, in the big garden with pond for fish or hospitality in the inns experienced and the thuringian kitchen.

The inns are in the local middle, in the castle and in the districts of the wax castle municipality.

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the family Mauersberger

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